Privacy Policy

We at are committed to protecting your privacy and will ensure that the personal information of our customers secured and safe.

The Privacy Policy is designed to describe how we gather data, process, store, and share your personal data prior to using our website we suggest you to review the policy.

It explains what data we collect and how and the rights you have and how you can exercise them. Personal information refers to any information that could be utilized to locate you either directly or indirectly.

It is not mandatory to divulge any of it at our request, but it is important to be aware that if opt not to share this information you may not be capable of providing you with our complete services.

Be aware the fact that this policy will continue to be revised as required to reflect any changes to our offerings and feedback from customers.

To keep up-to-date in our Privacy Policy, it is recommended to check this page for any updates it could undergo.

What Information We Collect

  • Information about demographics, such as gender, age and the interests and preferences of our site’s visitors

Why We Gather Your Personal Information

We collect information about our customers to better comprehend their needs and preferences. We collect this information to attempt to improve our service and the overall experience using the website. By analyzing this data we can provide a more localized and personalized service to customers from different regions of the globe.

We also keep this information to maintain internal records. We use it in a responsible manner for only limited purposes and do not disclose it to any third parties. The most important uses are:

  • The prevention of illegal activities as well as helping law enforcement in the manner legally required
  • Our services are provided to you with information about you could be used to handle complaints or making user profiles, enhancing our products, and provide customized experiences, etc.
  • Communication with our customers keeping personal data is essential to maintain contact with you, including sending emails and other.


When we collect your personal data Your security and privacy are our top concern and we have implemented various security steps to protect any sensitive information.

We only share it with certain third parties and for only limited purposes. To safeguard against any misuse and loss, as well as disclosure or unauthorised access to your information We implement security measures that include both the physical as well as digital.

It is important to note that no method of communication via the Internet cannot be completely secure.

Use of Cookies

Internet Cookies, also known as browsers are tiny pieces of information gathered from websites and saved to your computer by the browser for web browsing.

Cookies are used to identify users and to provide them with customized pages on the internet. When you visit a website that uses cookies, they are sent to your browser. It stores it for future use.

And every time you visit the site later, the cookie is returned on to the server. It contains information about your preferences and any passwords and usernames you’ve made.

In this way, the website provides you with an experience that is personalized It will remember your username, the pages you have previously visited pages, etc.

We at employ traffic log cookies to monitor the most frequently visited pages on our site.

Cookies are saved for a brief period of time before they are wiped out.

We use them for statistics reasons and, even while they’re only short-lived, they aid us in enhance our services and provide users a smoother and better personal experience.

Links to Other Websites

We are not accountable for the collection of information from other websites, however we may offer hyperlinks to other websites that aren’t governed by our Privacy Statement in any respect.

These websites have their own privacy policies in relation to privacy and security on the internet and we do not have any control over the data they gather, keep or disclose regarding you.

Be aware that if decide to disclose any personal information to these sites they are not responsible for the security of that information.