Play Blackjack in the Best Online Casinos in Ireland

Blackjack is among the most played games in casinos therefore the best online casinos in Ireland do their best to please their customers.

When you are choosing the best online blackjack casino, it’s crucial to decide if it’s possible to play for free. You probably do not want to risk losing real money while you try out a new blackjack game.

Also, make sure that the games are provided by experienced software developers, ensuring a fair result. Some of the leading providers in the market are: Evolution Gaming, Ezugi, and Pragmatic Play.

Some of the best online casinos where you can play blackjack are:

4000 EUR + 250 FS

up to €4000 in cash bonus
250 Free spins

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Bonus:100% deposit bonus Min Deposit: 20 Max Bonus: €4000 Wagering Requirement: Read Terms

Up to €1200 and 120 Free Spins

up to €500 50 FS

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Bonus: 100% 1st deposit bonus up to €500 : Min Deposit €20 Max Bonus €500 Wagering Requirement: 40x

5000 EUR + 250 FS up to €5000 in cash bonus
200 Free spins
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Bonus:100% deposit bonus Min Deposit: 20 Max Bonus: €5000 Wagering Requirement: Read Terms

Claim 100% up to €100

€10 No deposit bonus on registration
€100 First deposit bonus


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Bonus:100% deposit bonus Min Deposit: €10 Max Bonus: €100 Wagering Requirement: 35x on deposit and bonus values

Up to €1000 and 100 Free Spins

up to €1000 100 FS

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Bonus: 100% deposit bonus Min Deposit: €20 Max Bonus: €1000 Wagering Requirement: 25x

100% Up To 250 EUR up to €250 in cash bonus 100 Free spins

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Bonus:100% deposit bonus Min Deposit: 10 Max Bonus: €250 Wagering Requirement: x35

Highroller Bonus 50% up to €1,000

up to €1050 in cash bonus
300 Free spins

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Bonus:100% deposit bonus Min Deposit: €10 Max Bonus: €1000 Wagering Requirement: 35x on deposit and bonus values

Up to €100 and 50 Free Spins

up to €4500 300 FS

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Bonus: 100% up to €4500 : Min Deposit €20 Max Bonus €4500 Wagering Requirement: 40x

Up to €2000 and 250 Free Spins

up to €2000 250 FS

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Bonus: 100% up to €2000 : Min Deposit €20 Max Bonus €2000 Wagering Requirement: 50x

2000 EUR + 200 FS

up to €2000 in cash bonus
200 Free spins

*New players only

Bonus:100% deposit bonus Min Deposit: 20 Max Bonus: €2000 Wagering Requirement: Read Terms

🍀 History of Blackjack game

The most accepted theory is that the game emerged in the 18th century, in France. It is said that it was popular at Louis XV’s recreational estates to play “Vingt-et-un”, which means “twenty-one”.

With the French colonists, this game would reach American territory. By 1820, “The Twenty-One” became popular throughout the US. Years later, Americans decided to add a bonus to the game for each “J” or “Ace” of spades. Hence the name “Blackjack”, which means: J of spades.

Already in the mid-90s, blackjack made its first appearance online. Since that moment, new variants have been added, which have managed to popularize this fantastic game even more.

✅ Basic Blackjack Terms

When playing blackjack, you will encounter certain terminologies that you should know. Among the most used are:

  • Bankroll: the amount of money a player has for his bets.
  • Blackjack: hand where the player gets 21 with only two cards. That is, the combination of the Ace with 10, J, Q or K.
  • Bust: This term refers to going overboard. That is, obtain more than 21 points.
  • Hit: request an additional card.
  • Stand: stand, does not require additional decks.
  • Suffle: It refers to mixing the cards before starting a new round or game.
  • Double/ Double Down: double the bets after seeing your play. You will receive only one additional deck.
  • Split: split the decks. Thus achieving 2 new independent bets.

Blackjack House Edge

Blackjack is among the games that provide the least house edge. Depending on the version you play, the house edge can vary between 0.2 and 2% maximum.

Additionally, the correct strategies or techniques used by the player manage to reduce this value. With them, you will generate greater probabilities.

How to play Blackjack?

The objective of Blackjack is to collect 21 points or to get as close to this amount as possible. All with the purpose of beating a dealer, who is your only opponent.

The first thing you should know is the values ​​of each deck. We explain below:

  • K, Q, and J: will be worth 10 points each.
  • Ace: can be taken with a value of 1 or 11.
  • From two (2) to ten (10) they will have the same value.

The development of the game begins with the distribution of two cards to each participant, after a prior bet. All decks will be visible, except for one of the dealer’s cards. Then, from left to right, each player takes his turn. He may demand an additional card until he decides to stay or goes too far.

After this, the dealer will develop his play, and depending on the result, the winners and losers will be determined.

🃏 Game variations

When playing blackjack online you can choose between different versions. Among the most popular are:

  • American Blackjack – This is the most popular and best known variant. It’s about beating the dealer and getting 21 points or getting as close as possible, without going over. It is the most played version in Las Vegas.
  • Blackjack Surrender – In this mode, once the dealer verifies that his hand has generated a Blackjack, you can surrender. With this, you will lose only half of what you bet.
  • Super 21 Blackjack – In this version, if you get Blackjack with the Ace of Diamonds and another deck of the same suit, your bet will be paid 2 to 1. Furthermore, by having this combination the dealer will not be able to call or win. 
  • Premium Blackjack – To the original variant, this game mode adds 2 additional outside bets. You can bet on “perfect pair” or “21+3”.
  • Lucky Lucky Blackjack – This variety of Blackjack offers special payouts for combinations between the dealer and player decks. If you bet in this box, you will be eligible to receive large payments such as: a) 777 suited: 200 to 1, b) 678 suited: 100 to 1, c) 777 offsuit: 50 to 1.

✅ Blackjack Strategies

In blackjack, there are various strategies that you can apply to improve your chances. Among the most popular are:

  • Card counting – this strategy assigns values ​​to groups of decks and after each hand, a sum is made. If the result is positive, you will have a greater chance of winning. Read our article on card counting in blackjack if you want to know more about this popular strategy.
  • Splitting with Aces or Eights – This technique reduces the risk of going overboard while increasing the chances of winning.
  • Stand with 17 points – if your hand totals 17 points or more, it is not advisable to draw an additional card.
  • Martingale – this strategy indicates that you must double your bet if you lose and return to the initial bet if you win.

📋 Tips for playing blackjack online

Before playing blackjack online, you will have to take into account certain important elements:

  • Play at casinos with the appropriate license and permits.
  • Check to see if they offer a version of blackjack that you master.
  • Compare bonuses and promotions.
  • Set a budget for your bets.
  • Choose games from reputable providers.

Blackjack game software providers

Currently, different companies have been in charge of developing outstanding versions of online blackjack. Although these games demonstrate excellent graphic quality and easy play ability, the most important thing is their transparency.

These popular companies have all the necessary regulations to promote fair gaming and protect the players. Some of these companies are: 

  • Microgaming
  • Playtech
  • NetEnt.

📱 Play blackjack from your mobile

Most online casinos in Ireland provide several ways to access from your mobile device. You can download an app or play blackjack or any other game right from your mobile browser. In this way, you will be able to access it at any time and place such as:

  • In leisure hours.
  • On the way to work.
  • In a waiting room.
  • From your home or office.

💶 Real Money Blackjack Games vs. Free Games

Among the options presented on the various websites, you can play blackjack for free or for real money. Playing for free, apart from having fun, can help you practice your strategy. This way you will be able to obtain better results when you play for real money.

On the other hand, when playing for real money you will have several advantages, since it is possible to generate profits. Likewise, you will access various bonuses and promotions that can help you increase your capital.

Additionally, you will enjoy the unparalleled experience of live gaming, something you won’t find in the free versions.

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Blackjack is a casino game whose peculiarity is that the player’s skills certainly influence the result. In addition, it also offers a minimal house advantage as a favorable factor. The more you practice your strategy, the greater your chances of winning.

Technological advances have made it possible for you to play live and direct. And yes, against a real delivery man. An extremely realistic experience that in turn allows you to apply better techniques. Another advantage is being able to play through your mobile, thus having instant access from anywhere.