Cookies Policy website, utilizes its own and third-party cookie to enhance its services, enhance your navigation, carry out analyses and display advertisements which may be relevant to you. If you continue to use the site we assume that you have accepted the use of its cookies.

Cookies: What is it?

The cookie can be described as a data file which is transferred to device that a user is browsing such as a smartphone, computer tablet… at the time the user browses certain websites. It’s used to store and retrieve information regarding your browsing experience and can be activated by the equipment mentioned above.

Why we use Cookies?

Read below why we use cookies.

  • To provide services that are specifically desired by the user. They are absolutely necessary and, if they are not activated, could affect the functioning of the information and services on the sites.
  • Analytical, marketing or behavioral cookies. If they are removed the websites continue to function as they should however their use will allow us to enhance our services and content, and also generate revenue that allows us to provide free services and at the best quality.

The different types of cookies we employ:

We use different cookies to make our website better and improve how it works. Look below to see which ones we use.


These cookies enable us to identify whether you’ve been to our website before and also determine the place of origin and the language used to customize the contents.


These cookies help improve the user experience while browsing and to optimize the functionality on our site, for example navigation on web pages as well as time-slots.

Session State

Cookies that save data that is required during the session as well as any modifications that occur during it. They also establish whether or not you’re registered on the website.

Social networks

Our website can use connects to social networks, like Facebook and Twitter. If you sign up on the website using credentials obtained from a social network you grant permission to that social media to keep an indefinite Cookie which remembers your personal information and allows users access to our website until the time it runs out.

You can erase this Cookie and then revoke accessibility to this website using social networks by changing your preferences in the particular social network.


Google Analytics is a free web analytics software from Google which primarily assists website owners to see how their visitors interact with their site. Also, you can allow cookies for the website you’re on. You can also use two types of cookies called “__utma” and “__utmz” to gather data anonymously and produce reports on the trends of websites without identifying individuals.

Functional or advertising

We make use of these cookies to show you ads that we believe are relevant and may be interesting to you. Cookies allow us to remember your choices on our site, allowing more customized features and the making of a list keywords to match the search you’re performing. Additionally, they permit appropriate and relevant ads to be displayed in accordance with your preferences and prevent the same advertisements to be displayed continuously.

Third-party advertising 

Apart from the advertisements that are managed by our company, the website gives its advertisers the possibility of serving ads through third-party companies (“Ad-Servers”) in addition to installing own cookies. Third-party cookies are set on external websites that utilize them and their data to provide customized services or advertisements. Third-party cookies may collect information about the demographics (age gender) and the interests of our customers, however, they don’t contain any personal information. The companies that create the Cookies are governed by their privacy guidelines. We are not in control of these policies. For more information, please refer to the privacy policies of the third party and/or cookie policies.

How do I set up the Cookies I have set up?

As a user, you have the option to select which cookies you would like to use on this website or block them or remove completely. No matter what you decide you’ll be able to browse the site, though certain services may be restricted, impacting the quality of your experience. You can control cookies according to your preference with the below choices. Browser settings:

Internet Explorer

Tools -> Internet Options -> Privacy -> Settings. For more details, please contact Microsoft assistance or go to the Help section of your browser.


Tools -> Options -> Privacy -> History -> Custom Settings. For more details, contact Mozilla Support or browser’s Help.


Setting -> Display advanced choices -> Privacy Settings for Content. For more information, please contact Google support or browser Help.


Preferences -> Security. For additional information, contact Apple Support or Browser Help.

If you need more details on how to set up Cookies, visit the official site of the browser you are using.

Updates and modifications in Cookies Policy: could alter the Cookies Policy based on legislative or regulatory regulations or for the purpose of adapting the policy to the directives provided from the Data Protection Commission. If significant changes are made to the Cookies Policy, they will be made available to users through the website or by an email sent to users who have registered.